World Food Programme

Combating the Rise of Hunger Crisis During the Pandemic

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the world’s food supply structure, starting from the agriculture sector and loss of income which will lead to the disruption of the domestic food cycle. For example, in the United States, food processing companies have experienced a 20-30 percent decline in production. On the other hand, Kazakhstan has temporarily suspended exports of essential commodities for an undetermined time. It is crystal clear that the pandemic of COVID-19 will bring more challenges in terms of countries’ food security, as well as distribution of food aids as humanitarian responses for conflicted countries. The governmental and societal preparation towards ensuring the fulfillment of food security components, including availability, accessibility, and utilization of food is needed. Thus, this council is expected to address the problems within the WFP structures towards the recovery of countries’ hunger crises in the pandemic situation.


Single Delegate