UNSC: Between Country and Corporation

The UNSC delegates during the committe session.

The first day of committee session of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has officially started at 9.45 AM. The session began with a brief description of mercenaries, Private Military Companies (PMC) in order to get a clear insight regarding the upcoming discussion. 

The floor continued its session on a roll call, in which there were 15 countries in total. As general speech from each willing delegate has occurred, Cameroon expressed that their “government suffered a lot”. In addition, the United Kingdom pointed out they were “deeply concerned” about the situation, they also stated that, in between the risk and the cause, PMC also offer some benefits.

The council then proceeded to a motion regarding the exact definition of PMC proposed by Niger. Through here, Nigeria said that the lack of definition indicates that there is a problem. 
Cameroon went against their view by stressing that PMC is well-known as a military hired by a state. Austria and India were in the same view that there was an urgent need for the regulations about PMC.
Following a break, a sudden crisis occurred in the council. The tension escalated due to Iran’s suspicion of the United States. However, most representatives emphasized that the US couldn’t be blamed until proven guilty. Soon afterward, there was breaking news that the Australian Defence Force (ADF) admitted the support originated from the US. 


Moreover, another moderated caucus was required, to talk over some possible solutions.  Iran suggested that there should be a regulation on PMC usage, in which it shall provide only logistic and training, not to be used as a combatant. But, Spain recommended that the countries shall maintain their focus on strengthening national law.
Discussing the previous unmoderated caucus with two blocks, most delegates sent their gratitude towards all countries for their commitment and eagerness. Hence, the US encouraged the two working papers to be combined as one. The last committee session of the day had elapsed, as a highlight that the conference has officially ended. The agenda will continue tomorrow for other exciting sessions. (NewsArt/Nadya Melisha Nabilah)

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