Redefining words, and constructing a prestige global guideline

Shafannisa Kamila, South China Morning Post. - NATO

Redefining words, and constructing a prestige global guideline. Doing all of that in time short of one and a half minute sessions as you wish to come forward with what your country and people desires, whilst making connections and peace with others in the group sounds like a hard time, isn’t it? Cyber-Crimes and its complexity has grown along with us as we move forward into this new era where everything is stored on the internet.


With security systems precautions as well as people who are experts in this field crowd around as they do good and protect the important datas that could endanger normal citizens, the economy, and the government, it is no surprise that there are people who wishes to use their ability and knowledge for their own personal gain, most of the time attacking said groups. Therefore, the delegates in The North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( Also known as NATO) had discussed and redefined what is counted as Cyber-Crime, as they have come into this conclusion, as late as 10/27/2020, 2:34 PM : 


The concluding factors on what can be counted as cybercrime, as well as guideline that can be used on a case to case basis by NATO :

1. The possibility of endangering citizens and the loss of their lives.

2. The possibility of loss in prominent and critical datas.

3. The victim of said crime, concluded into which group (Government, businesses, or regular citizens).


In all truthfulness, the delegates in said council have yet to be set in stone on what steps to take next as they are still taking strikes and strides on fighting for the most beneficial move, regarding the people they represent, and the country they serve. We shall wish them a fruitful and peaceful outcome, that serves each country best as it could.