Press Corps

Changed Face of Middle East Patriarchal Culture for Accepting Women in Military : Openness of Saudi Arabia

Yosephine Michelle, Reuters - UN Women

Living alone under the same house.

Alya Raihan Medina, SCMP - Crisis Committee

The Council Against Turkey

Hernando Wisnumurti, BBC - UNSC

Redefining words, and constructing a prestige global guideline

Shafannisa Kamila, SCMP - NATO

Natural resources

Putri Army, Reuters - UNEP

The Importance of Truth, Swift Actions, and Political Stances. Does the meeting fill the quota?

Shafannisa Kamila, SCMP - Crisis Committee

An Attack on Turkey
YPG is supporting it ?

Hernando Wisnumurti, BBC - UNSC

Through the Education Cooperation of Advanced Cyber Security : Japan Large Scale Quantum Cryptography

Yosephine Michelle, Reuters - NATO

‘’Dig the Hole, Cover the Hole‘’

Alya Raihan Medina, SCMP - UNEP

Questions, Justifications, and Jurisdictions.

Shafannisa Kamila, SCMP

ISIS are going digital:
Threats towards French nuclear power plants

Hernando Wisnumurti, BBC - NATO

ISIS 2.0 Turning Cyber Attack to Physical Vengeance and NATO’s Response of the Situation

Yosephine Michelle , Reuters - NATO