Padjadjaran MUN Clinic: A Way of Acquiring Useful Feedback from the Chairs

A one-to-one consultation between UNHRC chair and delegate.

In the second day of Padjadjaran MUN 2019, there was a signature agenda called MUN Clinic, one-to-one consultation between the delegates and their respective chairs.

This is a special forum for the delegates got the chance to get direct and personal feedback on their performance during the conference. The feedback would be useful to later improve their MUN-related skills during the rest of the committee session, and even for their MUN experience in general.

For instance, the chairs of the African Union (AU) said that one of the delegate’s performance would be better if he/she could specify the substance’s focus. But, if the delegate had found out the root cause of the issue, it would easily lead them to a solid solution. 

Moving forward to the other councils, where the delegates expressed their interests towards MUN 101 that helped them to understand the flow of the discussion. 
For some delegates, this particular MUN Clinic definitely helped them as the beginners to understand what’s going on and what to do in their respective councils. (NewsArt/ Zulma Nur Sabrina)

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