Meet The Experts Padjadjaran MUN 2019:

The Delegates’ Ultimate Guide

Erwin Muniruzaman (Talent Management & Organizational Alignment Leader for Indonesia Willis Towers Watson)

with the ECOSOC delegates.

“If someone prefers to be an extremist, he will not become the diplomat. Since we believe to solve the global issues, we need to give the power to them and ourselves,” said Daniel Tumpal S. Simanjuntak (8/4), the Director of African Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia during his speech in Padjadjaran MUN’s renown agenda, called “Meet the Experts”.

Along with Simanjuntak, Meet the Experts (MTE) was attended by other four speakers who are erudite in different expertise: Erwin Muniruzaman (Talent Management & Organizational Alignment Leader for Indonesia Willis Towers Watson), Hari Prabowo (Coordinator for UN Security Council Task Force, Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia), Anis Hidayah (Head of Migration Study Center in Migrant Care), and Siti Aliyuna Pratisti (Lecturer in International Relations Department Universitas Padjadjaran).

The delegates gained a lot of insights, such as pan-Africanism in African Union (AU), 1960s Congo Crisis in Crisis Committee (CC), private military companies in UN Security Council (UNSC), migrant worker’s rights in UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), and 4.0 industrial revolution in Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). 
“Meet The Experts (MTE) was a very unexpected thing! This would deepen every delegate’s mind and built the further critical thinking,“ said one CC delegate. Indeed, MTE was not merely a helpful tool to prepare them facing the committee sessions. 


Another delegate also affirmed that the MTE was very interesting as each delegate could ask questions and directly get the quality answer from the experienced speakers. 
MTE per se was particularly designed to elevate the delegates’ understanding about their respective councils, in which they could learn directly from the experts. It was altogether functioned as one of the means to help the delegates generate commendable ideas for the betterment of their performance during PadMUN journey. (NewsArt/Putri Samudra)

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