The delegates of Padjadjaran MUN 2019 in Gedung Merdeka

“No task is more urgent than that of preserving peace. Without peace, our independence means little. The rehabilitation and upbuilding of our countries will have little meaning. Our revolutions will not be allowed to run their course,” said Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia, in the Asia-Africa Conference 1955, in Bandung. Renown as the city of diplomacy, Bandung has become a symbol of the freedom spirit of newly-independent countries across Asia and Africa.


Padjadjaran Model United Nations 2019 started with a museum tour, which is wrapped in an agenda called “Field Trip” (07/04). As one of the most famous museums in the city of Bandung, Museum Konperensi Asia Afrika (MKAA) was chosen as the destination for the delegates of PadMUN 2019. 


Accompanied by the knowledgable tour guides, the delegates got the chance to explore the historical footprints in the museum: the rise of Asia-African countries after the World War, the treaties made between those countries, and the timeline of diplomacy reconstruction. The tour per se was relatable for the delegates as, tomorrow, they will get involved in the committee sessions that would hopefully enhance their diplomacy skills.

One of the tour guides, Elda Tartila, was thankful to the Padjadjaran MUN 2019 committee for choosing MKAA as its field trip destination. She also hoped that the tour would be remarkable for the delegates, especially the lesson about history and diplomacy. 


During weekdays, MKAA usually accepts more than 100 visitors coming from various age and status. With the coming of the delegates of Padjadjaran MUN 2019, MKAA today accepted 300 visitors. It is such a big wish for the them to spread the spirit of Asia Africa freedom to the people of Indonesia and the world.


The museum tour included a visit to the audiovisual room and Gedung Merdeka. In the audio-visual room, the delegates were served a documentary film entitled, “The Birth of Bandung Spirit”, which explains the journey of Bandung, as the capital city of Asia-Africa. 


In Gedung Merdeka, the delegates were given some questions regarding the information they got from the tour. Karen and Ricky were successful in answering the question and, thus, received a merchandise from the MKAA committee. The delegates then moved to Gedung Sate, where the Opening Ceremony would be held.

We wish all the delegates enjoy their stay in Bandung and the best of luck for the next few days in practicing diplomacy to find the best resolution to solve the world problems! (NewsArt/Yasmin Nur Habibah)

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