‘’ Dig the Hole, Cover the Hole ‘’

Alya Raihan Medina - SCMP, UNEP

The higher its needs, the more ways we need to find the solution. Palm oil still holds the best position as a life source. a small amount of money that was spent on planting palm, attracting entrepreneurs from various countries to compete to make this a business. At the same time to survive by full fill the needs, problems are following behind, The deforestation caused by palm oil endanger a lot of lives. Start from the animal, humans, economy, social, and many more. Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand as the highest consumer of palm oil, hand in hand to tackle the problem. Finding the best solution over the differences law, The UK, Australia, Brazil have made sustainable forest management to save the forest while also saving the other lives that rely on the forest. Besides, companies such as Nestle, Walmart, Wilmar International Ltd should also consider the palm oil uses for each product they have been made. 

The United Nation Environment Programme has to make a solution regarding this palm oil problem from each perspective and differences.