The Importance of Truth, Swift Actions, and Political Stances. Does the meeting fill the quota?

Shafannisa, SCMP - Crisis Committee

An integrated media shares power, an integrated media shares knowledge, and an integrated media shares the utmost truth. For as far as the committee season goes, this portion of the days, it is questionable how the only delegates that are present and actively voicing their opinions on South-East Asian countries’ safety for as long as this conflict goes, and when and how it is going to end. The fiery language thrown around and tension in the room does not seem to go away though, as it seems everyone wants to give a piece of their mind.


Though, we had received the news of  a certain media’s bank accounts that had been freezed due to ‘illegal transactions’, on Hong Kong’s grounds, and for that reason, I, had the honor to interview the delegates with some questions I do have in mind. Involving the plan  of the joint military training that Taiwan had personally proposed, and had a handful of countries agreeing and joining their block, such as The USA, UK, Australia, Thailand, and Singapore.  


As the Delegate of Taiwan had proposed previously, how would they assure the people that it will be in control and smooth sailing, and does not blow out of proportions? Their answer is as follows; “Our joined training has been canceled due to legalities. We did plan on moving our training grounds out of the taiwanesw lands, as we also plan on making it clear that this is only to assure and build confidence, as we are not here to attack, but we will not hesitate to defend”. 

The full interview can be viewed through here. As for the future and how this operation ends up being, and how the countries on both sides will react, we shall wait more and see how this meeting progresses henceforth.