ISIS are going digital
Threats towards French nuclear power plants

Hernando Wisnumurti, BBC - NATO

(Joshua Lee,

With a statement made by a leader of ISIS 2.0 threatening an attack on French nuclear power plants with their cyber capabilities, NATO countries scrambled troops to the region previously held by ISIS to the dismay of both Turkey and Syria. Other Middle Eastern Countries are also concerned about the deployment of those extra troops. The threat of an attack is within the realm of possibility, as we all know that the USA managed a cyber attack in stopping Iran’s  nuclear program. When asked about the security measures that are in place to counter this threat, none of the countries answered directly at the question. How bad are the conditions actually are?


As an example, the delegate of the United Kingdom only stated that they will mobilize their cyber division of the police indicating that they don't have an existing anti cyber systems. This is also true for most of the other countries, all of them scrambled to find countermeasures against this threat. And it seems out of the members of NATO that answered, Estonia and the USA are the only countries that are confident of its cyber defences. 


Estonia despite the lack of a power plant is confident that their countermeasures will be enough to counter this threat, the USA also indicated the same notion. 


The notion of the lack of cyber security is also enforced by the delegation of Norway with them agreeing that it is needed for NATO members to enhance their capabilities in fighting this new kind of threat. But the problem still remains on how NATO as a whole would counter this significant problem within their ranks. As countries have different capabilities in fighting cyber attacks, it is yet to be seen on how NATO will move forward with this new perceived threat.