ISIS 2.0 Turning Cyber Attack to Physical Vengeance and NATO’s Response of the Situation

Yosephine Michelle, Reuters - NATO

FILE PHOTO : ISIS armies wearing all black as their uniform with holding weapons and black flags. 6 May 2019. Francesco Bussoletti / Difesa e Sicurezza

Reuters (28 October 2020), a nuclear power plant will be launched by ISIS from France as a form of vengeance towards western countries. The announcement was released by the newest leader of ISIS at exactly 6 A.M.. Within the current situation, NATO member countries have not remained standing still.

Regarding the latest breaking news coming from Reuters, it has been known that BBC was hijacked by ISIS. “Let the Middle East be ours ! In 3 hours we will launch our first advanced nuclear power plant from France. Hey Trump we will show you how great we are! Death to the west!” said the newest ISIS leader.


The announcement has startled all NATO member countries especially USA, Norway and France. Not long after the statement was released, those three countries took immediate action. At 7 A.M., the three countries have been deploying NATO troops to Syria even though there has been a tense conflict between Syria and Turkey due to the Operation Peace Spring.


Unfortunately, this immediate action has not been welcomed by the countries of the Middle East. With the arrival of NATO troops, the Middle East countries are afraid that the action will cause casualties especially towards civilians.


“We, NATO member countries based on Article 5, should gather and fight back towards any kinds of terorism especially ISIS. Therefore we should see the bigger picture of this situation even if it will cause casualties.” said the delegation of France. This statement has been approved by other delegations especially Norway and the United States.


Moreover, the United States has justified the action and stated “We will not pull back our troops and of course we will strengthen our cybersecurity to prevent other cyber attacks that could lead to hybrid warfare.”


Looking at the contested security dilemma between NATO and Middle East countries, it was clearly seen that the conflicted parties had indeed should have taken immediate action. But then, looking at the possible casualties towards innocent civilians, both parties should have been thinking more wisely. If not, perhaps it will create a bigger problem for not only those conflicted parties but also worldwide due to the humanitarian crisis.