Questions, Justifications, and Jurisdictions.

Shafannisa Kamila, SCMP

Image credit to Freepik

Today, on approximately 6 AM, we received the news through a hijacked BBC news portal, by the organization claiming to be ISIS, released the words saying; “Let the Middle East be ours! In 3 hours we will launch our first advanced nuclear power plant from France. Hey Trump, we will show you how great we are! Death to the west!”. Now, how do we expect to face and handle this threat and protect the citizens? What statements do the delegates representing the countries involved have offered?


Though, South China Morning Post had the great opportunity to question the things everyone had been concerned about, to view the full interview, you may click here. The question is thrown into the floor, allowing any delegate who wishes to answer the question to do so, “Is it justifiable, the action that ISIS is taking in response to the President of France Republic, and the feat of NATO sending out 400 troops to deploy in Syria?”. 


And The delegate of France stated to South China Morning Post that they are indeed the one under threat, as this matter could only not affect them and their citizens, but other countries in the European Union, and sending the troops to Syria as a matter of desperate action, in the help of The US, The UK, and other supporting countries as well. Though, they did not state clearly nor answer the question of whether they had any plan in regards to security measures that will neutralize the situation, nor did they answer the questions whether they had any plan for countermeasures for any countries. The NATO members still seem to be debating among themselves, in chaos and confused in which step they should take, trying to balance it out with the limited speaking time they are allowed. 


This is a problem, considering there is no further statements from ISIS’s side, nor there is a decisive action taken by NATO, as there is probability that the whole world is under threat, if one wrong step is taken. We must urge the ones that are responsible for this matter to take actions, to ensure our future and our safety, as this is no small matter. The next step taken needs to be quick, decisive, transparent, and ensure all of our safety. We shall hope that we will hear from them, soon enough.