An Attack on Turkey

YPG is supporting it ?

Hernando Wisnumurti, BBC - UNSC

As a solution to build a long lasting cease fire, an attack was made by the PKK towards the Turkish Government with a bombing of a Turkish government building. The attack claimed to be supported by the YPG and the Kurdish people. The USA condemns this attack but refuses to condemn the YPG, they believe the YPG did not support the PKK in this attack even after claims by PKK officials. The United Kingdom stands with the USA and wishes to invoke article 4 to coordinate with the whole NATO in regards with this attack, but if the reports and claims of the YPG supporting the PKK is true, the delegates of the United Kingdom is sure that the United Kingdom will regret losing an ally in the war against terrorism and stop supporting the YPG. They also claim to start the fight against the YPG as they are no longer an ally but now an enemy and in the case of the invocation of Article 5 of NATO, the UK asks all NATO allies to come to Turkey’s aid. However the UK delegation is also skeptical on how article 5 can be executed as the situation is different and the enemy is not a country but a fluid organization with no clear area of control


Germany’s delegation however different from other NATO members, stated that Germany will not come in support of Turkey as their operation in Northern Syria is an offensive action and this is a part of this conflict thus not qualifying the collective defence pact.


With Turkey fears of an attack realized, the Turkish delegation stated that 


“We believe that these kurdish people are  terrorists and we want them to be eradicated via article 5 of nato, which is collective defense thus we want to invoke self defense to fight these people.”


Syria critiques this intention because it makes threats toward the integrity of Syria. These attacks if executed by Turkey does not guarantee the attack will cease but it will give more reason for the attack to continue. 


Egypt however sees this attack as a reason for the building of a long lasting cease fire by all the belligerent sides. With the truth still blurry, the future of peace in Syria would rely on the revelation of the truth.