Closing Ceremony and Gala Dinner

Padjadjaran MUN 2019:
A Step to the World's Glory

At the chalk one up night (4/9), the delegates and chairs were flocked together in the Braga Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Bandung, West Java. With the concept of Sundanese heritage, before entering the closing ceremony ballroom, the committee gave them scarf patterned in West Java Batik.

The event was opened by presenting the after movie video that showed the delegates in the last three days of PadMUN epic agendas. 


With Bunga Hishaka Afandi and Cecep as the marshals, they brought the event by bringing Equilibrium Tampubolon, as the Secretary-General of Padjadjaran Model United Nations (PadMUN) 2019 to give such a memorable speech. He said, joining the MUN will be one of the best things happened in life as a very intoxicating experience and the retentions will be forever last.

The delegates siad that it was really nice to meet and socialize themselves with the others during the ongoing event. "I got amazed with this gala dinner as I found a joy in here with the other delegates", said one of the delegates that attended to the closing of Padjadjaran Model United Nations (PadMUN) 2019.

They were entertained by the incredible performers that represent West Java culture.  Expretradisia with Rampak Gendang was the first to show their beautiful performance. Rampak is interpreted as something that is done simultaneously, while kendang itself is perceived as one of the typical musical instruments of West Java played with gamelan. Following by Musik Klasik 3 and Anjani that pleased everyone’s eyes with their magnificet sundanese dance.

The Gala Dinner was started-off, the delegates were welcomed to the dining room where the stalls were provided with the highly pleasing meals served by the Crowne Plaza Bandung. 

"It is really pleasing! The foods, the services, and the smiles, too!", said one of the delegates. 

They had a very enchanting night at the gala dinner with the fanciest monochrome ball gowns and suits as well, the closing gala dinner had made them successfully act like diplomats. They sat with other delegates in a round table that they called "round-table mates". 

Very remarkable torques happened when the chairs from each council went to the stage to announce the winners. It was a very unforgettable moment when every delegate and chair cheered and congratulated the winners like they were a family.

The closing ceremony ended by the time Michael Jackson’s Heal the World came up and sung by all participants. Heal The World used as a symbol of unity, equality, and peace for changing the world a better place and raise the world's glory, just like what PadMUN 2019 hoped for. (NewsArt/ Putri Samudra)

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