The Council Against Turkey

Hernando Wisnumurti, BBC - UNSC

With Operation Peace Spring launched by Turkey, Turkey has been accused of numerous violations of international law. From the violation of article 13 of the Geneva convention and also the violation of the jus ad bellum. With numerous attacks on the Syrian populace and also the disproportionality of it .


Delegations of the United Kingdom have sent me a joint statement for the UK and Canada and it says as follows.


"we are against turkey's act of unilateral intervention. any kind of conflict should be brought under pacific dispute-settlement as set under the chapter VI of the UN Charter. We believe through transparent and inclusive peace talks, this conflict could be brought to an end. Other than that, Canada and UK believe humanitarian issues also become something no less important to talk about in this issue, especially towards the Refugee Crisis that this conflict has brought and also to have lasting solutions regarding the Kurds questions."


This stance has also been taken by other nations present in the council. 


But the delegates of Turkey as expected denies any violation of these laws and claims that the operation is not an invasion, it is a police action against the PKK and because they were supported by Kurds in Syria, an attack was made to this region.


The question still remains on how a solution can be made with Turkey not recognizing the Kurds as an important actor in fighting ISIL in Syria. As long as this is true and Turkey won’t negotiate a solution with any faction of the Kurds as they branded Kurds as Terrorists and this does not help the goal of peaceful Syria. Delegates of Turkey believe that the council has to decide Kurdish original region, culture, and the politics of the Kurds since they claim  most of the Kurds are led by the PKK.


With all of this in mind, any progress towards a practical solution has not been made, there is no guarantee with the whole council attacking the stance of Turkey a solution can be made. Real progress for peace is yet to be made.