African Union: A Long Journey to Overcome

Ethnic Tension in Africa

AU chairs during the committee session

The second day of committee session in the African Union (AU) began at 8.15 AM. The 17 delegates finally found out a way to overcome the ethnic tension in Africa: by creating a mechanism in peacekeeping, peacebuilding, and peacemaking. It was coming from a draft resolution Mali sponsored, with several other countries, among them Rwanda, Nigeria, South Sudan, etc.

The first motion was proposed by Eswatini regarding AU as an instrument for a proper mechanism. Eswatini said that even though AU has a Peace and Security Council (PSC), it doesn’t have a regulatory body. 
Liberia emphasized the lack of working mechanism, saying that the intervention mandated by AU should have been limited at certain sections while exemplifying 2013 Burundi case. The same problem was also found out in Rwanda, which was caused by the lack of funding in AU that results in slow development subordinate region itself.


The Central Africa Republic proposed a motion regarding strengthening the Panel of the Wise. Eswatini recommends that the PSC should have the authority to intervene in African countries who undergo conflict.
The council proceeded to 120-minute unmoderated caucus. All the delegates in AU started to discuss their one-and-only draft resolution (DR). Soon afterward, the council finally released a Draft Resolution 1.1, which was sponsored and presented by Nigeria, Eswatini, and Mali.


Responding to the DR, the chairs asked what the exact definition of good governance is. The chairs were also questioning why, in certain conditions, AU could intervene in other countries, in which Mali answered that the intervention could be done if the country is in conflict. 

The long debate and journey of AU delegates subsequently resulted in a Draft Resolution. Nigeria was one of the countries that floored the motion for the voting process, which received a yes from most of the countries. In the end, Namibia closed the two-day committee session with the motion “Adjourn the Meeting”. (NewsArt/Eka Ricky Prasetyanto)

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