Alvis Rahman Bhasuki

Secretary-General of Padjadjaran International MUN 2020

To our highly anticipated faculty advisors, chairs, and delegates from all around the world,


It is my greatest honor to invite and welcome you to Padjadjaran International Model United Nations 2020. In commencing the eighth edition of our long-awaited event, PadMUN serves among the most prestigious international MUN conferences in Indonesia and is more than ready to accommodate future participants with our substantive excellence, warmest hospitality, development-oriented practices, and an overall satisfying and unforgettable experience, as what PadMUN has always been renowned for!


In honor of our new branding, PadMUN 2020 is ready to provide the best quality for all of our national and international participants. As it has been growing for the past seven years, it is with our utmost gratitude to call upon the youths of the world once again to gather and celebrate the fine arts of diplomacy in discussing about present global matters and in engaging ourselves for the future!


Get ready with your suit and tie, compose your speeches and ideas as we aim high, an opportunity that will provide you more than plenty, prepare yourself to join the incredible journey of PadMUN 2020!

Dadan Suryadipura

Head of International

Relations Studies Program

It's such an honour to acquaint you to the biggest and most pretentious youth-led event organized by the International Relations Students of Universitas Padjadjaran, Padjadjaran International MUN 2020. PadMUN has been going firm for the past seven years, and has strengthened its prestige in 2020 by holding a new name as an International MUN. Starting way back from the first mini MUN simulation in Unpad and expanding to become an international MUN conference, PadMUN toils to serve excellent quality and remarkable experience for everyone.


I have full reliance on how PadMUN has built its reputation by always improving, both the delegates and committee, from various aspects. Therefore, PadMUN is not only a student-based event, but an international scale MUN conference that is ready to offer you the best!

Secretary General of

Padjadjaran MUN 2019

Equilibrium Tampubolon

Padjadjaran International MUN's reputation is built on a tradition of excellence which are constantly fine-tuned for the better. Over the course of its existence, it has served a model world in which thousands of aspiring youths have come up with brilliant ideas to solve the world's greatest problems. As a student-centered MUN conference, its programs have been designed to accommodate the varying levels of delegates' experience in order to promote their interest and growth in the field of international relations. Surely, if you wish to challenge yourself and experience the thrill in a rigorous MUN experience, join Padjadjaran International MUN.