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What is PadMUN?

      Padjadjaran International Model United Nations (PadMUN) is an annual United Nations meeting simulation held by International Relations students of Universitas Padjadjaran. PadMUN would prove its prestige, quality and greatness by expanding its scope for international delegates in PadMUN 2020, as the eighth year of PadMUN. As one of most prestigious MUN in Indonesia, PadMUN is well-known with its substantive quality and hospitality that PadMUN tries to maintain.


       PadMUN is consistently trying to increase the expectant delegate’s number across the globe and strengthen its partnership with national and international media, MUN community, government and/or private institutions regarding to be a better MUN foundation.

Grand Theme

"Aligning Perspectives on the Rise of New Wars"

       The ever-increasing diversity of actors in an already complex world induce a wide variety of perspectives present in today’s global system. Whilst carrying their respective interests, the existing divergence generates internal and global discordance -- yet without declining the possibility of achieving peace.

     A revolutionary concept of war, known as the New Wars, provides the incorporation of previously known aspects and ideas of traditional wars -- presented with new context and characteristics. Furthermore, this concept emphasizes the blur between state and non-state actors in relation to the dual conflation of interstate and intrastate conflicts.


      Thus, we are seeking to converge these perspectives, offered by the various actors present in today's world, not only to respond the current challenges we face, but also what the future has in store for us in this era of the New Wars.

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